Tandem System

Designed to Recycle Heavily Printed, Humid, and Contaminated Materials

The Tandem System employs Gamma Meccanica’s COMPAC feeding unit and, as the name suggests, two extruders arranged in tandem. The short, non-vented primary extruder and the larger diameter secondary extruder allow for a reduction of the cutting forces and put less stress on the melted material.

Between the two extruders is a high performance degassing chamber that provides 10 times more exposure to vacuum than a standard extruder. This guarantees the extraction of large quantities of gas and contaminants, making it highly effective to recycle heavily printed thermoplastic materials.

In addition, the Tandem line allows for double filtration. One filtration unit can offer coarse filtration, while the other can allow for finer filtering ensuring higher quality granules.

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