Conventional Lines AF

Plastic Recycling Line with Forced Feed

The conventional regeneration line is ideal for recycling plastics that may need a granulator. It can also be equipped with our Force Feed system complete with storage silo, single or dual auger configuration for ground rigid materials, film and foam flake.

This line is typically composed of:

  • Force feeder
  • Extruder
  • Filter
  • Water ring pelletizer TDA or underwater pelletizer TI

This type of line is available in different models depending on the production capacity. Every line can be completely customized upon request to satisfy your unique requirements.

GM65 180-200 0.23-0.28
GM90 250-300 0.23-0.28
GM105 400-500 0.23-0.28
GM125 550-650 0.23-0.28
GM160 900-110 0.23-0.28
GM180 1000-1500 0.23-0.28
GM210 1100-1900 0.23-0.28

*The capacity refers to LDPE, and can vary depending on the density of the material, degree of pollution, print and humidity percentage.

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