Superior Efficiency, Productivity, and Energy Savings

The COMPAC System represents the most advanced technology on the market. It is specifically designed for ultimate flexibility and equipped to deal with specialized materials including rigids, films, sheet, nonwovens, fabrics, and yarns. The system is typically composed of:

  • Conveyor Belt with metal detector
  • Cutter-compactor
  • Extruder
  • Filter
  • Underwater pelletizer TI or water ring pelletizer TDA
  • Panel with touchscreen

This type of line is available in different models depending on the production capacity. Every line can be completely customized upon request to satisfy your unique requirements.

GM50 50-150 0.25-0.30
GM65 150-260 0.25-0.30
GM90 250-500 0.25-0.30
GM105 400-680 0.25-0.30
GM125 600-950 0.25-0.30
GM160 1000-1400 0.25-0.30
GM180 1500-2000 0.25-0.30
GM210 2000-2800 0.25-0.30

*The capacity refers to LDPE, and can vary depending on the density of the material, degree of pollution, print and humidity percentage.

System Highlights

Add Value to Recycled Materials During Processing

The cutter-compactor presizes, heats, and compacts material before feeding into the extruder. It is the best and most flexible feeding solution for loose, low bulk density and high residual moisture materials. This solution can be fed with various devices, such as a conveyor belt, pneumatically, or a nip roll system for roll stock. It can be outfitted with several dosing systems for pellets, regrind, and powders.

Ecotronic® Control System
Ensuring Ultimate Precision and Energy Savings

The patented Ecotronic® control system enables precise temperature control without the use of water and can accept up to 12% residual surface moisture for various material streams. This solution guarantees up to 40% energy savings on the main motor.

Feeding Auger
Providing Consistent and Positive Feed

The feeding auger is one hallmark of our COMPAC technology. It is controlled by the amp load on the extruder and provides the most consistent and positive feed to the extruder. The feeding auger is especially useful for low bulk density materials and when material particle size is larger or not uniform.

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