Extrusion Components

Extrusion melt pipes, elbows and adapters, static mixers, diverter valves and more.

BDMP extrusion melt pipes, elbows, and adapters are the innovative and ideal connection between screen changers and extrusion die.

BDM static mixers are designed to combine homogeneous flow with simple, long-lasting, and strong construction. Several applications have shown an optimal dispersion of masterbatch and additive allowing lower consumption of the same combined with very good self-cleaning features and a remarkable melt temperature stabilization.

The modular construction allows easy inspection of the mixer as well as cleaning operations.

BDVD diverter valves are easy maintenance and suitable for many applications. Easy to maintain, can be mounted on different types of plants or become part of a screen changer.

BDCF hydraulic die changers are ancillary equipment allowing an easy and fast replacement of extrusion dies compared to traditional manual procedures.

They are particularly suitable in those processes, like profiles production where the die exchange is pretty frequent for production needs.

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