We have supporting structures such as BDOC hydraulic power packs and undercarriage BDCS.

BDOC hydraulic power units
Every detail has been designed with the utmost attention for ease of use, maintenance and safety standards. It is possible to deliver customized units prearranged for driving multiple screen changers and alternatively, for other hydraulic devices intended for different uses.

BDCS undercarriage supports
The simple undercarriage supports have evolved in the two axis mobile versions on rails, in the most recent load-bearing structures with screen changer carriages, hydraulically operated, mounted on recirculating balls ground guides. Each project is tailored to specific customer requests.

BDCF hydraulic die changer
An ancillary equipment allowing an easy and fast replacement of extrusion dies compared to traditional manual procedures.
They are particularly suitable in processes like profile production where the die exchange is more frequent for production needs.
Dead times coming from the die’s manual replacement are minimized as preheating of the die can be switched on while the other die is still in production.
They can be delivered with breaker plates to integrate a filtration feature. Electric or liquid heating can be supplied depending on the polymer being processed.

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