Lever Type Screen Changers


Simple and reliable, the manual BDL screen changers offer the opportunity to improve performance, at minimal cost especially on small and medium size extrusion and coextrusion lines.

Suitable for the production of:

  • Blown or Cast films
  • Flat sheet
  • Pipes and profiles
  • Cable coating
  • Masterbatch and compound palletizing
  • Blow and injection molding

This system is available in different models:

Model BDL is available with filtering areas from Ø 20 to Ø 120 mm, units are equipped with a self-activating sealing system that allows a safe and leakproof use, up to 800 bar working pressure.

Model BDLG stands for an extremely clean design, a result of careful engineering, granting excellent compactness. Available with filtering areas from Ø 35 to Ø 160 mm, represents a high-quality choice among the manually operated screen changers.

Model BDCG is less bulky than a normal static cartridge filter, reduces replacement costs and machine downtime, making demanding maintenance even less. Available in sizes 60, 75 and 90 and compatible with extruders from Ø 45 to Ø 100 mm. The filter replacement is fast and machine downtime is minimized.

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