Master Line

Medium and Low Productive Capacity


These units are for medium and low production capacity applications and very versatile in terms of how materials are fed depending upon the application. There can be aspirated trim feed for film, sheet and nonwoven trim, roll stock and beside the press hand feeding.

System Highlights


  • Made of highly thick steel plates inserted and welded on the hardened steel shaft
  • Wear and friction resistant lateral disks

Blades and Counter Blades

  • Blades and counter blades are made of chromium steel, tempered and rectified, with micrometric regulation through proper screws bolted to the relating supports
  • Pre-adjustment made by template


  • Structure made of welded and normalized steel plates
  • Water cooling system for the front and back and the lateral supports
  • Hopper hydraulic opening and grid support


  • Engine mounted on slides to regulate the belts’ tension
  • Anti-vibration bars to absorb the vibrations occurring during production
  • Driven roller system for film rolls

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