HF System

One step grinding system specific for pipes and profiles of large diameter and high thickness without the need for pre-shredding. It is possible to continuously grind smooth and corrugated pipes in HDPE, PP and RIGID PVC up to a maximum length of 6m.


  • Highly robust granulators with rotor diameter from 830 up to 1930 mm.
  • The system consists of a loading box with hydraulic closing for loading the pipes which automatically advances them directly onto the loading hopper of the mill. In this, a material pusher acts by advancing the tube towards the grinding chamber.
  • The advancement is controlled according to the amp load ensuring optimal use of the machine.
  • The entire grinding process is extremely safe because it is completely automated, enclosed and does not require operator intervention.


The pipes to be ground are loaded into a special hopper which hydraulically tilts them into a feed box equipped with a pusher that pushes the tube against the rotor.

The automatic feeding with horizontal pusher also allows the recovery of blocks and other production waste.

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HF System?

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