Make Recycling More Profitable

ECO CLEAN is a system developed by Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. to remove ink that has been deposited on plastic packaging films. This process restores the processed film to its original condition, making recycling more profitable. The process is suitable for all types of flexible, non-laminated printed material rolls.

During the ECO CLEAN process, the ink is removed via mechanical brushes and a specially formulated detergent. Once the ink has been removed, the used detergent is transferred from the ECO CLEAN system to a regeneration plant where it is renewed, replenished, and reused again in the ECO CLEAN process.

Advantages of the ECO CLEAN System:
  • Cleans the film at a speed of 40 meters per minute
  • Fully automatic and requires little manpower
  • Low cost, recyclable detergent
  • Energy efficient

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