Easy Power System

Largest Capacity for the Most Rigorous Conditions

The Bruno Folcieri Easy Power System is the largest capacity system built for the most rigorous applications. The systems are suitable for tough, abrasive or contaminated materials that can cause high wear. The solid forged rotor and wear plates are interchangeable.

The Easy Power WET granulators provide efficient and reliable grinding with the use of water for contaminated plastic materials and post-consumer waste such as: tough films, PET and HDPE bottles, raffia, light films, etc… with maximum and optimal productivity for24/7 production. With this type of granulator, the material is washed while being ground, a great advantage that allows the removal of large amounts of impurities by combining accurate grinding and pre-washing in a single step.

System Highlights


  • Rotor with interchangeable blades and locking wedge
  • Rotor diameter with 930 mm-length 1500/2000mm
  • Watertight rotor bearing supports external to the casing

Blades and Counter Blades

  • Fixed blades bolted with wear-resistant interchangeable rest surfaces
  • On-bench pre-regulation of blades and counter-blades
  • Wedge blocking of rotating blades


  • Interchangeable wear-resistant side rotor discs
  • Interchangeable rotor-blade holders


  • Wear-resistant material side grinding chamber covered with interchangeable plates
  • Large-sized pulley with a long moment of inertia, diameter 1400 mm, weight: 3800 kg
  • Maintenance made easy by full access to the grinding chamber for cleaning and changing blades

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